A Little Bit of Everything


Today is a sunny and warm day after all of the rain yesterday. I have been so grateful for the lovely and refreshing rain and cooler temperatures (down to 22 degrees) after such a hot and dry summer. The Whole earth seems to be breathing a sigh of relief and springing back to life with the rain despite the cold. Ahhhh…some moisture!

If you are still interested in Christmas decorating, Melissa has some wonderful ideas at the Inspired Room. I really like the pinecone garland and might try that if I can find enough.

I never made the rustic bread from my other post but I made this Easy Peesy French Bread. This is one of those great recipes that you want to have in your arsenal for those night when you realize that you need something else to add to your dinner. This recipe tastes wonderful and it is FAST. It is not as nice as my rustic bread but nothing can beat it for last minute bread. I didn’t have time to take a picture because it was eaten so fast!

Today I am hoping to make some cookies for my children and some of these Cinnamon Rolls. My goodness, they are so good. I first heard about them from Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy and tried them because she said that they are so wonderful. Instead of the One Hour dough recipe that Alicia linked, I used my own favorite recipe for dough from this book. This is the only Betty Crocker book I like as all the recipes are just wonderful and you can use a base dough recipe to make so many things. It always turns out perfect.

It is so special to have five different ages of children in our home. Everyday is so different and interesting. Everyday is just so filled with shards of glory. It looks a little like this:

Age 7- Grand discussions of military tactics surrounding WW2, figuring out Archimedes found the volume of objects,  designing wood projects and rockets, sooooo much reading and running

Age 5 1/2- A beginner reader so enjoying Frog and Toad and Little Bear; so involved in building- Lego, zoobs, blocks, etc.; wrestling with Daddy every night, dressing up as a cowboy

Age 4- Laughing together over Winnie and Little Mouse, zooming trucks all over the house, playing with wood animals in our barn, thousands of questions all day long

Age 2- Exclaiming over Shrewbettina and the Sugar Mouse, sweet but sticky kisses, “Ya..Ya..Mama”, “Wove uu Mama”, everything baby- baby dolls, baby carriage, blocks in baby carriage, etc.

Age 4 months- Wild kicking and arm waving when anything interesting comes into view, smiles and coos, sweet fluffy baby hair,  mama kisses on those sweet cheeks, sparkly batting eyes, just a sunshine baby

Oh my sweet, sweet darlings. Slow down a little for mama to savor the sweetness a little longer.

Love to you today dear friends,





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