“Mama…I dooooing” This is a constant refrain from my sweet girl. But it seems to be a theme for all of us around here lately- lots of “doing”. Lots of baking, playing, reading, crafting, laughing, crying, cleaning, etc. Each new day is a whirl of doing. A joyous merry go round of colors, tastes, smells, and warm snuggles. Pretending is at an all time high- dragons are attacking baby deer in the woods! Watch out!

Christmas seems to make our normal doings more magical and special. I love this time of year! My three oldest boys are so busy now trying to make presents for everyone. It melts my heart to see them wrap up some of their most special treasures (fishing lures and candy top the list) to give to someone else. Lots of crafting has started here too- woodworking projects, book making, picture making, sewing felt, tape, glue, and scissors, etc. They always are so full of ideas and I confess it wears me out trying to keep up with them. But, how much fun and what joy!

What “doings” do you have going on?


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