My four year old told me the other day that our day was “jammy-pack”. I think he meant jam packed but I like his version better. There has been lots of busy going around here. My in-laws went on vacation for a week so we are feeding all their animals- chickens, duck, cows, dogs, cat, bird, and fish. Whew! My kids are having such a wonderful time though. I never noticed before how magical hay is. When it is thrown down it floats gently like snow. I wish I had a beautiful picture of that but you will all just have to use your imaginations.  The barn is so very dark and the rain makes it even darker.

But, one of the chickens died. Ahhh! It looked fine but just seemed to have keeled over. These are really old chicken so perhaps it was just time. But, the dogs are trying to dig into the chicken yard! Perhaps those two are connected. The dogs never have before though so I don’t know what is going on.  They have plenty of food and we play with them. Thankfully my in-laws are not attached to the chickens at all. I have just been pulling huge logs and boards over to the base of the chicken yard fence so hopefully that will solve it. Finally, last night when we were feeding the cows my daughter lost one of her favorite pink sparkly shoes. We looked and looked for it but could not find it. Can cows eat shoes? I dearly hope not.

I am surprised how much time it takes me to feed all of the animals.  This means my house is a disaster because I haven’t had time to clean. Thankfully, we finished school last week because I don’t think that I could feed all the animals, homeschool, and do all of my regular cleaning/cooking/parenting/life. I have decided that I might be a country girl after all because I did the grossest thing EVER today. One of my in-laws dogs found a half-rotted rat carcass somewhere and was chewing on it. I was sure it would choke on something and so took it away. Let me just say that anatomy and physiology lab with a cadaver has nothing on dead rat carcasses. EWW!

To end on a beautiful note, I made the most beautiful loaf of rustic bread yesterday. It was so good and so pretty!


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  1. Vee says:

    Ahhh…here it is! Oh my! This would so not be my thing, but it looks as if your children are enjoying it. You are a good daughter-in-law.


    1. rlschatze says:

      Vee- Thanks for your sweet comment. It is so not my thing either! I am much more a crafty city type girl. 🙂


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