Goodness, I do love the internet. It is such a wonderful place to “meet” new people through blogs and forums. But sometimes I dearly wish I could meet you in person and we could sit down and just get to know each other better. We could make a lovely pot of gourmet coffee or tea and have some decadent baked goods and just have a marvelous time. Discussing our lives, books, crafting, gardening, Christmas plans, and everything else under the sun. It would be such fun and you all are so lovely. Sigh…I will just have to content myself with chatting here with you. Won’t you join me?

My husband and my kids have this mannerism that just delights me to no end. They have a concentrating face. When I first met my husband, it was so fun for me to watch him as we were studying together. Way more fun than my biochemistry textbooks! I hope I can describe it. Whenever he is really concentrating on something, his upper lip gets really stiff and pokes out a little. And he sticks out his tongue a little. It never fails to make me laugh. And, lucky for me, all of my children have the same trait. In fact, our sweet baby girl seems to have gotten a double dose of it and has even added some extra fun. Even at four months, she sees something she wants and that mouth starts going. She stiffens her upper lip, opens and closes her mouth like a fish, and sticks out her tongue all the while wildly waving her hands to try and get whatever it is. Currently, her favorite is my husband’s catalog from Lee Valley Tools. Oh, it is ever so much fun to watch and reduces everyone to gasping for air from laughing so much. My sweet, sweet sunshine baby girlie…

We did end up finding the pink sparkly shoe. Thankfully a cow did not eat it! Last night when my husband and I walked up to the barn to feed the cows again we saw quite a few shooting stars. They were magnificent! And there was a cute field mouse in the hay. Being a proper gentleman, he washed his hands and face and stayed to chat awhile. He was so tiny and reminded me so much of all of the children’s books I linked to previously. No wonder there are so many children’s books about mice! I hope that I can take the kids up there tonight and they can see him. Perhaps we will bring him a cookie… 🙂

My dishwasher has been broken for a week now and my husband took it apart and fixed it last night. Wow, I am ever so grateful to have a dishwasher. So, so, so grateful.

Crafting has been slower than I wanted. I finished the baby doll dress and found a little jacket at the thrift store that will go with it perfectly.  I am still working of the diapers. For the bedding set for the baby doll cradle, I am trying to match a quilt I made for my girlie and think I found a cute combination. One stocking has been cut out. A much simpler design will be in order for both stockings.

My two year old loves taking selfies! 🙂

This next week is going to be filled with such fun. My husband has the week off and we have saved all the good stuff to do together. Looking at Christmas lights, a teddy bear’s picnic, making graham cracker houses, reading all the best Christmas books- oh it will be marvelous. Growing up we had zero traditions and had gifts on Christmas but nothing besides. It has been such fun making traditions for our children, even if they are simple ones.

Along the same lines, do you celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas? I must admit that this concept was completely foreign to me. Well, I mean besides the carol. But I have been reading a lot about it and think we might try it this year. It sounds lovely. Our Christmas day is usually one huge rush because of visiting all of our extended family. We go to three different houses after our morning. This would be lovely to extend the holiday and focus more on the reason for Christmas- our Savior. But ours will be without partridges…

We also decided to start a new tradition. Have you ever read The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey? It is our favorite Christmas book I think. This year we purchased an incredibly beautiful Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus set. It looks very similar to what Jonathan made except our is colored. Every year we will add to it to someday have a full nativity. It still hasn’t come yet and I am truly so excited. It is coming from Europe so I hope it will make it in time.

Have you ever made stone soup? That is what we are having for dinner and it is a favorite with my children.

Now, how are you my friend? What is going on in your life? What plans do you have for Christmas?





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