Christmas Joy


These days are such beautiful, light filled, messy joy kind of days aren’t they? Bits of ribbon and wrapping paper left over. Little bits of candy cane stuck to your socks. Sweet smells of Christmas baking. Graham cracker house making. New games to be played and new pretending to be done. Books to be read and adventures to be had. Every second of Daddy’s time off to be enjoyed. Falling asleep where you stopped jumping in sheer exhaustion. What a blessed time of year! Christmas always amazes me with the sheer mystery of it- the miracle of love and sacrifice from an infinite God. How great a love must His be that he would send His precious Son to be born as a helpless baby!

I hope, dear ones, that your Christmas season is just as joy filled and even- dare I say it- filled with joyful messy chaos as ours is. What fun! Oh, I wish you all joy friends! This year we are attempting to celebrate all 12 days of Christmas and I just love it! We have never done this before and it is such a joy and makes Christmas so special. There are two articles here from Brandy and here from Auntie Leila that were especially helpful in how to pull it off if you are curious.

In other news, my special Christmas present arrived today! The beautiful wood-carved nativity! We will open it tonight with the children and I am so excited. It will be such a special tradition to add to it every year and it is every bit as beautiful as I had hoped. It didn’t arrive in time for Christmas but it will be a special 5th day of Christmas present. I will show you pictures soon.

Do you celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas? If so, I would love to hear about it! If not, what was special about your Christmas holiday?


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