Pipers Piping


How are you all my friends on this 11th Day of Christmas? Being so intentional this year about celebrating Christ has been so special. Such a beloved tradition it will be! It has made me even more grateful for His gift of salvation and even more grateful for His gift of my precious family.  Both my husband and I feel like the days are moving slower even though he is working. All is quieter as we gaze together at the Nativity and delight in the wonder of His birth. Every day is filled with the joy of Christmas and the joy of family. We have been having such fun celebrating! Cookie baking day, New Year’s bonfire with marshmallows, new games, etc. It does seem a little strange as the world has already moved on to New Year’s resolutions, diets, regular life, homeschooling, and more. But, we here in this house, are still gazing at the miracle that is Christmas.  We are starting our new year with a sustained gaze on Christ. And to be honest, I really wish we had done this before. This is what life is all about- reflecting upon our Savior. I hope to carry this forward into this new year- that all my actions and work will be done while my heart is sustaining an inward and joyful gaze upon Christ. He is worthy of all honor and glory! Blessed be His precious name!

Happy New Year to you all and I hope your year is filled with beauty, wonder, and joy.

P.S. As a special treat for this next year, I am starting a course from Jeanne Oliver and some other lovely ladies on The Art of Home: Modern Simple Homemaking as she is having a sale. I have never done one of her courses but had my eye on this one. I love what I have seen so far! I have been a little discouraged lately in my homemaking and this hopefully will be just what I need. You can see the sale here.


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