Today is an odd day weather-wise. This morning the fog was so thick you couldn’t see and it was cold. It was so quiet and lovely. Then, it was sunny and warm- perfect shorts weather for my never-cold boys. They had all sorts of fun running around. Now, it is overcast and the temperature went down about 20 degrees. At least we are not bored!

Regardless, it is a snuggly, cozy type of day. A box of new books all wrapped up in brown paper arrived for me. I am excited to look them all over tonight when the kids are in bed. Brown paper makes me giddy because usually it is something so lovely. While snuggling on the couch, we are reading some of my favorite books- Winnie the Pooh for my littles and Peter Pan for my 1st grade guy. My second grade son will read me the Wind in the Willows while I unravel a knitting project gone wrong and do some hand quilting. Isn’t the yarn pretty? I am planning on making this Seashore Cowl with it for me. I am also planning on starting a Leksak for my 5 month old girlie. I knitted one for my 2 year old and she loves it.

This afternoon we will have tea time while listening to the Trout Quintet by Schubert and then play some games as requested. My husband absolutely loves bread so I have made him some and we are having a little party tonight to celebrate the first week of school. It should be just grand. 🙂

What have you planned for today? Is it a cozy day or are you out and about? Regardless, I hope it is a lovely one!

Joy to you, friends-


P.S. Speculations are still flying on the airplane problem but they are getting close.


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