A New Adventure

Blogging has been very quiet around here lately. But big things have been in the works! My husband accepted a new job in Indiana and we will be moving in five weeks. It sure does sound like a lot of time but packing up five kids, two adults, and a huge amount of books and moving 2,100 miles is going to be crazy! We found a beautiful house with some land and are excited to start making a home. So, I am thinking things will continue to be quiet. But, I will try hard to pop in and chat. If you have any advice about cross country moving I would LOVE to hear it.



P.S. Here is some artwork from an art class taught by a friend. Artwork and moving go together right? 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily G says:

    Hey, you’re moving to my state! So cool! I’m in the SE portion of the state.


    1. rlschatze says:

      Hi Emily! I am also moving to the SE portion. How fun!


  2. Emily G says:

    Perhaps we will meet someday. 🙂 It is a good life out here and I think your family will be happy.


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