Being a mom is an interesting job. You constantly get to be surprised with the unexpected. The beauty of that is that it is never boring and almost assuredly it is really entertaining.

For example, you wake up in the morning and go to make some lovely coffee:IMG_7325

You put your little two year old down for a nap and all is quiet. You start packing boxes and find something to put away in the bedroom. You find your two year old sitting in her bed like this. “Owie Mama”IMG_7320

Your sweet but very cranky teething baby has been up since 3 am and won’t go to sleep despite all your efforts. It is now afternoon. She has a diaper blowout and you change her diaper and her clothes. You go to throw away the diaper and put the dirty clothes in the hamper in the other room.  You are gone for about 30 seconds. When you come back you see this sweet sleepy:IMG_7322

Also, you find yourself saying the most unexpected things. “You may not blow your nose on your sock”. “Toothpaste is for brushing your teeth, not for painting” “I am not sure which animal is faster (a mouse or a beaver) at chewing.” “No, I don’t think kangaroos get lint in their pockets”

You find yourself doing unexpected things as well. Like sobbing over a scrap of blue and pink fabric because that baby is now 7 and you don’t know where the time went. Or, in finding your old journals and textbooks from college, realizing that your life is more beautiful than you ever imagined; despite the fact that you are a mother instead of a doctor. And realizing you have no regrets about that, despite what everyone else says. Your simple quiet life is more than enough- it is glorious. Unexpected joy.

Even with all the crazy, messy, unexpected chaos these sure are the most beautiful days. Every once in a while you get this moment where time stands still, and as you look on this present moment, the colors and sounds fill your mind and are stored like a picture. Shards of glory flashing beautiful memories. The moment when you hold your newborn daughter while laying in your bed and the sun shines off her fuzzy head. The moment when your son first sounded out his first word with a flush of red-cheeked excitement. The moment when your daughter spilled a bottle of calamine lotion all over the floor but was so excited she made a pretty painting with it. “Pitty, mama, pitty pink” The moment when all your children are throwing rocks in a lake at sunset with swallows darting all around- this echoes in your head. What beautiful pictures! What a beautiful life! All glory be to Christ for the joy and grace He has given. An amazing gift of a glorious but small life. What unexpected beauty…IMG_7280IMG_7259IMG_7279IMG_7255IMG_7282IMG_7326IMG_7269IMG_7284

I am excited to see what unexpected things arise next!

Love to you all,



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  1. Vee says:

    Oh I have a friend who will enjoy reading this!


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