Long Time

It has been so long since I have had a chance to chat with you all dear friends. Turns out that moving across the country to a place you’ve never been and know no one with five children is pretty crazy. Who knew? 🙂

I have been so busy with working on trying to make our new home feel like home. When we moved we left a lot behind and so I have been scouring Craigslist, Antique stores, and other places for pieces to make our home a home. Plus painting and cleaning and fixing things all the time. And, oh, it has been fun. But tiring.

Even more, for those of you who actually read this blog, my son dropped our camera. So, now my blog will be pictureless. Which I am pretty sure is a death sentence for my little blog.  But, nevertheless, I love chatting with you and will continue anyway. But I am a little sad because I would have some pretty before and afters to show you in our home. I painted a dresser and it turned out lovely. I felt reckless and bold one day and painted my master fireplace- faux cherry with faux red and black marble surround turned to a lovely French Linen color with pretty white floral stenciling (cough…cough…almost done). Sigh, can you picture it? It makes my heart so happy.

And we could talk about Spring and all the lovely flora that I have never seen before. My sons and I were laughing so much the other day when we found the prettiest little wildflower and looked up what it was- Dutchman’s Breeches. Isn’t that the funniest name? Who picked out that name? My children love the book “The Dutch Twins” by Lucy Perkins so this made them appreciate it even more. And it still has me giggling.

Love to you all,



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