Happenings and Chatty


So much has been happening and so much has been done around here. I feel a little breathless from it all. But so much lovely work has been going on and it has been so much fun to see the results.

For some good news, my sweet husband purchased a new camera for me for Mother’s Day. It hasn’t arrived yet but I am so excited to be able to take pictures again. That will be lovely for the blog too. And I love capturing my sweet little darlings- they are shooting up like weeds. My oldest is 8 now. EIGHT! It is beyond belief.

On the house front, wallpaper is being removed slowly. So much painting has been done- a dresser, coffee and side table, a fireplace, two signs, a dolly rocker for my little girl, fireplace surrounds, etc. My husband built me a folding shelf that is right above my washer and dryer and I am painting it too. I am hoping to be finished with the painting today and then I will need a couple coats of poly. I am also going to be painting some light fixtures to make them a bit nicer. Once the wallpaper is removed, it will be so wonderful to be able to paint everything and make it lovely. Color makes such a difference, doesn’t it? I hope to share some pictures (mostly afters HA!) when the camera arrives. I have really been enjoying this process of making our house a home and purchasing/fixing up items to make our home lovely.

We have also been working on the outside. I planted an herb and flower garden that is small but pretty. We planted quite a few berries- raspberries, blackberries, and elderberries. Marionberries were also planted but didn’t make it. Our plan is also to plant some fruit trees this year so perhaps maybe next year we will have a few fruits. But, I still need to go shopping for the trees. We decided that a proper garden will have to wait until next year as we will make raised beds down by the barn. It will most likely need to be fenced as well. That will be quite a project that we probably won’t get to this year. I also have plans for a beautiful flower garden as well but that will also be next year. This year we are mostly focusing our time and budget on the indoors. My husband and sons have also been busy downing dead trees and stacking the wood for the winter.

Since we took off time for school to move, we are continuing on with school to finish up some things. Then, we are just going to really dive into fun books, nature studies, and art projects for a break. I need to get busy on school planning but it feels so daunting this year with most of my books still in boxes. However, I am looking forward to this next year with no huge changes. This past year with having a baby, selling a house, getting a new job, moving cross country, and setting up a new house has been challenging for our schooling. It will be nice to have things be quiet for a while. 🙂

So, dear friends, what have you been up to? Do you have any summer plans? I have missed our chats and am sorry I have been away.

Love to you,




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  1. Emily G says:

    I like your little space here and I’ve missed you! And-welcome to Indiana. I hope you love it here as I do.

    Painting sounds great. It makes such a huge difference.

    Summer-keep the garden and yard under control, on a basic level. I have lofty goals for more art, more reading, etc., but it seems we just do more of those in winter when we’re stuck indoors. I’m trying to let go of my plans and relax a little because it seems my crew and I just want to be outdoors working and playing-and that’s good too. I do want to paint my living room. It’s huge, faces north and is painted a dark, dusty bluegreen color that I firmly dislike. I am pretty sure once I conquer the daunting task of washing, priming and painting the walls a tinted white, it will transform from a murky cave to a bright, inviting space…just gotta find time. I have six babies ages 1-7, so we’re busy all day long as you can imagine.


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